Classic Sprung Cot Mattress

Designed to provide comfort and support throughout your little one’s precious development years.

£ Medium

The springs at the core of the mattress offers support, whilst the outer cover provides a soft breathable sleeping surface which allows the free flow of air, keeping baby cool and regulating their heat. This sleeping surface is anti-allergenic and washable at 60oc, killing all germs and bacteria, making the mattress ideal for allergy sufferers. The core of the mattress is protected from the inevitable accidents by a waterproof, wipeable PVC cover.

  • Open coil sprung
  • Breathable, supportive baby safe fibre
  • Breathable temperature control cover
  • Washable cover at 60oc
  • Anti-allergenic cover
  • Made in the UK
  • 2 year guarantee
Slumberland Classic Sprung mattress
Slumberland Classic Sprung mattress inside


Name SKU Width Length Depth Weight
Cot () 10cm 6.8kg
Cot bed () 10cm 7.4kg