Loren floor standing

A neat and stylish linear design. The Loren will be the perfect addition to any style of bedroom.

Available in 4 sizes
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A floor standing headboard design that neatly aligns with the width of your mattress and base. Integrated wooden struts included to allow you to fit the headboard to your divan base.

Loren floor standing headboard
Slumberland Granite fabric
Slumberland Taupe fabric
Slumberland Flint fabric
Slumberland Mist fabric
Slumberland Amethyst fabric
Slumberland Pacific fabric
Slumberland Lashes Black fabric
Lashes Black
Slumberland Iconic Silver fabric
Iconic Silver
Slumberland Bouffant Blue fabric
Bouffant Blue
Slumberland Boulevard Stone fabric
Boulevard Stone
Slumberland Angelic Blue fabric
Angelic Blue
Slumberland Signature Sapphire fabric
Signature Sapphire
Slumberland Irresistible Onyx fabric
Irresistible Onyx
Slumberland Romantic Pearl fabric
Romantic Pearl
Slumberland Graceful Grey fabric
Graceful Grey
Slumberland Cadillac Pink fabric
Cadillac Pink


Name Width Length Depth Weight
Small double 120cm 6cm 132cm 15kg
Double 135cm 6cm 132cm 16kg
King 150cm 6cm 132cm 18kg
Super king 180cm 6cm 132cm 22.5 kg