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What do your dreams mean?

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Every night we spend between 15 – 40 minutes dreaming.  Of these dreams, there are a number of themes that are common to most of us. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as we all have similar emotions, motivations and desires. Despite this commonality, it’s almost impossible to state the exact meaning of a dream as our unconscious thoughts and associations are filtered based on our own individual experiences. With that in mind, below is a list of common dreams and the widely held beliefs regarding what they could mean.

Being Chased - Being chased in a dream appears to happen more often to women than to men. It can represent you running away from or avoiding a difficult issue that is causing some kind of anxiety in your life. The chaser is likely to represent one of your emotions such as jealousy or anger.  

Flying - Flying in a dream suggests freedom and reaching out for the future or some kind of self-improvement. If it is a pleasant dream it could be a sign that you’re rising above that which you thought was impossible. A negative feeling to the dream could indicate that you are out of control and that something or someone is preventing you from taking the next step. 

Falling - Falling is associated with being afraid and feeling anxious. The thing that brings stability to your life, the ground, is not there and you’re totally out of control. It’s a common dream in people who are going through major upheaval at work, in a relationship or some other aspect of their life.

Your teeth falling out - Dreams about your teeth falling out can have a number of meanings. One theory is that the dreamer has some kind of anxiety regarding how they look, and this feeling of unattractiveness leads to a lack of confidence. Another looks upon losing teeth as a sign of a broken relationship. A third theory links losing teeth with the dreamer looking for emotional or sexual fulfilment.

Being naked - Being naked, especially in a public space, represents anxiety or feelings of vulnerability. It’s often associated with people who have recently started a new job or taken on board responsibilities where they feel uncomfortable or out of their depth.

Dying - Don’t worry if you die in your dreams. Dying in a dream normally means that it’s time for a change and to make a fresh start.

Being paralysed - Not being able to move or speak simply means that you are unable to act or express yourself. It suggests that you need to find alternative ways to make yourself seen and heard.

Taking a test - A dream that’s common in perfectionists. It can indicate a lack of self confidence in your abilities to keep up with or exceed your normally high standards, especially when dealing with high pressure situations.

Discovering a new room - Discovering a new room in your home can mean that you’ve discovered something new or exciting about something familiar. This suggests spiritual growth or finding some new discovery or purpose.

Showing up late - Dreaming of being late relates to panic in your life. It normally means that you’ve taken on too much, are feeling overwhelmed and are on the verge of missing a deadline or letting somebody down.

At Slumberland, we can’t help you control your dreams, but we can make sure you have a good night’s sleep.


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