National Bed Month: The importance of sleep


Happy National Bed Month! Let’s start with a question, when’s the last time you had a full week of 7-9 hours sleep a night? We’re guessing the majority of you laughed and maybe thought wistfully about your bed. It’s hard to get those important hours of sleep, but with it, you can improve not just your energy levels but your mental and physical health as well.

Why sleep is important

While getting enough sleep can be tough, it’s worth making the effort. Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression are likely to worsen with a lack of sleep, so carving out enough time for a relaxing bedtime regime is important — think herbal tea, a good book and fancy lavender pillow spray. A good 7 hours of sleep can also improve your focus and memory, helping to increase your productivity throughout the day.

If you find yourself getting sick, or just feeling under the weather, often, a lack of sleep may be the problem. Even a small lack of sleep can negatively affect your immune system. In a 2008 medical study, it was discovered that people who slept less than 7 hours a night were around 3 times likely to develop a cold than people who slept 8 hours or more. So, if you keep getting the sniffles, try heading to bed earlier.

Get the right sleep with the right mattress

If you’re sleeping on an old or cheap bed, you’ll probably find yourself tossing and turning all night long, trying to get comfy and never quite getting there. Every person sleeps differently and needs different things from their mattress. If you like a cosy, secure sleep, you might want to opt for a memory foam mattress. If you prefer a cool, supported sleep, you might want a mattress made from a breathable material, like cotton or latex. We offer mattresses, like our Ortho Care 1400, that have both a warm, winter side and a cool summer side that’s perfect for seasonal change.

Ideally, you should replace your mattress every 10 years or so, but some poorer quality mattresses may need replacing more often. If you find your mattress isn’t as supportive as it originally was or that it’s sunk in places, it’s probably time to chuck it out (so long mattress!) and get yourself a new one. A poor-quality mattress can not only disturb your sleep but also cause damage to your joints and muscles, increasing the risk of neck and back pain.

Finding the right mattress

If you’re having a hard time working out what mattress to buy — there are a lot of choices and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed — why not take a look at our sleep quiz. By asking you just a few questions, we can pick out the mattress features that would suit you best, and help you discover the right bed for you.

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